BB Ant

Feeling the blues this winter? Ant got the blues! But, do not worry! Our friendly little ant is not unwell or sad. It’s become blue and tasty, like a bock beer should be! Great body, packed with quality ingredients including Magnum and Tattnanger hops. Nothing better than a bock beer to face the winter. Please don’t tell me you stop drinking just because it’s snowing outside? That’s the perfect drink when our inevitable cold weather arrives. And if you believe that a bock beer cannot handle the harsh winter, you’re in for a treat! B.B. Ant is 6.5%! How’s that for a Strong Ant?! So, if you are feeling the blues…Just don’t! Let the ant take the pressure off you. They are very good on carrying heavy things around, anyway. BB Ant is a real Blues Killer! Antjoy it!
ALC. 6.5% VOL.